This blog post was written by Julee Wilke, a first-time Mel Trotter Ministries volunteer, regarding her family’s experience at our 2015 Annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet. You can view numerous photos from the event here.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. For years I’ve cooked and baked and served ahead of time so I could lounge in front of a television and watch parades or football and stay in my soft pants all day. That is until this year. My husband and I drove to Michigan from Indiana to meet up with our family and decided to spend Thanksgiving with 2,000 strangers and Mel Trotter Ministries. 

Julee and her family.
Julee and her family at our 2015 event.

After receiving our t-shirts and marching orders, we joined a parade of volunteers and headed to our table assignment. As our table filled and we began serving family style, the stories began to spill out. We became instant friends with Josh, Nick, Nathan, Anthony, and Dale. Before we event got to the pumpkin pie, it felt like any and all other Thanksgiving days around the family table.

Life is a journey, and we were blessed beyond words to spend this short lunch hour in DeVos Place with our family and new friends. Thanks to Mel Trotter Ministries for hosting and for bringing us together. On this day strangers became friends and this server learned the meaning of compassion demonstrated. No more lazy Thanksgiving days for us, as we will make this a yearly tradition.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

And this was my favorite Thanksgiving.  

Have you volunteered at our annual Great Thanksgiving Banquet? Do you have stories to share? We would love to hear them! Comment below.

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