Some of us are numbers people.

And some of us (me, pick me!) are not.

But for those of us who are, here’s a recap of 2014 by the numbers:

  • Provided 87,916 bed nights for men, women, and children, which is an average of 241 people every night. You can learn more about what a night at Mel Trotter looks like here.
  • Served 158,651 hot meals, which is an average of 435 per day.
  • Served 9,511 individuals and families through our Food Pantry, which is open every Thursday from 10AM to 3PM.
  • Helped 169 families find permanent housing.
  • Helped 107 people secure jobs.
  • Treated 2,877 individuals in our Vision, Chiropractic, and Dental Clinics; services valued at $369,464.
  • Assisted 67 individuals in our Legal Clinic.
  • Provided care for 1,861 public inebriates, which kept them out of hospital emergency rooms and saved tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Provided low-cost transportation to 345 people through our auto resale program (thanks for donating!).

Pretty impressive, but not done without the help of 4,345 volunteers who completed 31,450 hours of services and saved Mel Trotter Ministries approximately $500,000.

Can you believe it?

Neither can we. It is a good gift to be part of this community. Thank you for your support in time, prayer, financial gifts, and the like.

Posted by:Bultema Group

Bultema Group is a full service marketing and design studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team partners with businesses and non-profits to implement strategic marketing, public relations, communications, and creative campaigns.

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