There are currently more than 60 children living in Mel Trotter Ministries’ womChildren at the Missionen and children’s shelter. Recently, the Grand Rapids Griffins came to visit with our kids. Yes, our kids. The Griffins reached out to us and asked if they could come visit with our little ones. And that’s exactly what they did. Several players and their wives arrived one evening and spent several hours creating snowmen with cotton balls and a winter wonderland with markers, crayons, and the like.

Our director of communications and marketing, Cindy Smies, recently asked Bob Kaser, the vice president of community relations and broadcasting at the Grand Rapids Griffins, to tell us a little more about the team’s work with Mel Trotter Ministries.

Why do the Grand Rapids Griffins choose to volunteer?

The Griffins strive to assist multiple causes in West Michigan, and our players share that same desire.

Why did you decide to volunteer at Mel Trotter Ministries?

Assisting those less fortunate is a high priority for us. Our home base is the Van Andel Arena. This means we see and experience homelessness regularly, especially during the winter months. People are hungry and simply need a place to get warm. How can we not want to help?

What were some of the reactions of the players and wives after the event?

Drawing by Landon Ferraro
Drawing by Landon Ferraro

Many of us were reminded of how fortunate we are. The players and their significant others left very much looking forward to helping again, in whatever capacity. Heck, Landon Ferraro, was so proud of the drawings he did with some of the kids, namely his ice skating rink, he had me take a picture of it! See photo to the left.

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