The world is full of some pretty impressive people who have done some pretty impressive things. Some of those things have become world records. Examples below:

  • The largest commercially available hamburger (164.8 pounds!).
  • The heaviest vehicle pulled over 100 feet (126,200 pounds – a FIRE TRUCK!).
  • The youngest person to climb Mount Everest (13 year old Jordan Romero).
  • The tallest man (Sultan Kosen at 8’1″).

Of course there’s a few more bizarre, quirky world records too:

  • The most people head-banging simultaneously (320 students in Australia).
  • The most people eating breakfast in bed (388 in East Shanghai, China).
  • The largest rice mosaic (17,827 square feet in Seoul, Korea).
  • The largest gathering of people dressed as penguins (373 in London).
  • The fastest 100 meter run on all fours (15.86 seconds in Tokyo).

This weekend, three Grand Rapids-based PGA Professionals will attempt a world record too, on behalf of Mel Trotter Ministries. Jim Bultema, Matt Koets, and Sam Stover, with Railside Golf Club, Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 1.42.38 PMwill seek to break the record for most holes of continuous play in the 24-hour period leading up to our annual Golf Marathon of Hope.

Our team thinks these guys are pretty impressive too.

Not because of their endurance.
Not because of their golf prowess.
Not because of their general disinterest in SLEEP (something we quite enjoy).

Our team is impressed because these three folks are choosing to use their gifts and talents (while foregoing general comfort) to raise awareness and money for Mel Trotter Ministries’ women and children’s programs.

Want to support them in this endeavor?

You can pledge your support HERE.

Posted by:Bultema Group

Bultema Group is a full service marketing and design studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team partners with businesses and non-profits to implement strategic marketing, public relations, communications, and creative campaigns.

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