Each one of our volunteers is unique.

They are unique in their ethnicities and economic backgrounds.
They are unique in their age and abilities.
They are unique in their beliefs and ideologies.

But this is what they have in common:

They have all chosen to channel their passions and use their talents to end homelessness in the greater Grand Rapids area. 

John van der Veen is no different. John founded the Long John Run to benefit Mel Trotter Ministries in 2012. Our team asked him a few questions concerning this unique event. His answers are below: Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.58.21 PM

Tell us about the Long John Run.

The Long John Run is a 5K walk/run in Grand
Rapids on November 7, with all proceeds
benefitting Mel Trotter Ministries. All participants are asked to wear their best long johns, thermal underwear, red union suit, pajamas, white knickers, winter knickers, etc. throughout the run.

But – besides having some fun – each year we also hope to accomplish three things:

  1. Have fun with family and friends.
  2. Create a unique opportunity to get outside and be healthy.
  3. Help those in need around us.

Why partner with Mel Trotter Ministries?

For years, my family has been involved in the work Mel Trotter does. We have participated in their evening worship services, we have served at the ​Mel Trotter Great Thanksgiving Banquet. Partnering with Mel Trotter for the Long John Run just seemed like the next step.

​My wife, our kids – we all love tScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 6.59.02 PMhe mission of Mel Trotter. We love how it’s goal is similar to our goal – showing the compassion of Jesus to those around us. In Mel Trotter’s case, that means not just food and shelter, but also the Gospel. Two hands of generosity. ​

Why get excited about this event? 

The Long John Run is a fun, zany way for people to impact their community. And I get to help them be a part of something greater than themselves. How awesome is that?

How can we participate? 

Anyone is welcome to participate, regardless of ability or age. ​You can sign up here. Cost is only $15 per person (and you get a FREE t-shirt!). You can also learn more here.

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