There’s one simple and important way you can help make this season a truly happy one for our neighbors in need within the Grand Rapids community: Mel Trotter Ministries’ 2015 Brown Bag Food Drive.

More than 43,000 pounds of food was gathered through our Brown Bag Food Drive last year. This was 8,000 pounds more than our originally-stated goal, but our shelves still ran empty when springtime rolled around. The Drive runs now until December 3.


  • Canned chicken, tuna, beef, or pork
  • Canned fruit and vegetables
  • Baked, dried, or canned beans
  • Peanut butter
  • Boxed potatoes, stuffing
  • Pasta and pasta sauce, macaroni and cheese
  • Rice and rice mixes
  • Gelatin or pudding mix
  • Breakfast cereals, pancake mix, and syrup
  • Cake, muffin, and bread mixes
  • Soups, sauces, stews, and gravy
  • Hamburger or Tuna Helper



Posted by:Mel Trotter Ministries

Mel Trotter Ministries exists to demonstrate the compassion of Jesus Christ to the hungry, homeless, and hurting in Grand Rapids area.

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