Many of our colleagues, co-workers, family members, and friends started the New Year with a set of resolutions, a realignment of priorities for the next 365 days. Our team is taking significant time this month to consider and realign priorities too.

How are we doing that?

We’re working on a strategic plan while remembering who we are and what we’re called to do. We’re also thinking deeply about goals for the year ahead.

Our 2016 goal? Simply, more.

  • More employment opportunities.
  • More permanent housing.
  • More transitions out of homelessness.
  • More volunteers.
  • More collaboration.
  • More lives dedicated to Jesus Christ.

Essentially, more compassion demonstrated.

Here’s the full list:

Transforming and transitioning more individuals and families out of homelessness. This means locating more permanent housing and stable employment opportunities for our guests. Our team would like to help 200 individuals find employment in 2016.

Encourage and walk beside our guests in their faith journey. This means we show them the love – and grace – of Christ by discipling them through Bible studies and helping them find church homes.

Deepen our partnerships and collaborations with other ministries and agencies. This means facilitating relationships and cooperating with other organizations within our community. Good work cannot be done without many, many hands.

Increase our number of volunteers by 10 percent. This means getting more and more individuals, families, businesses, and schools involved in our mission and vision to end homelessness in the greater Grand Rapids area. Do you want to get involved? Sign up here.

Become better stewards and reduce costs not directly related to our programs and services. This means perseverance in filling our needs while relying on God to provide the resources necessary to serve our guests well.

Become excellent. This means working daily to become the best we can be as individuals, as a Mel Trotter team, as an organization, as believers, and as agents of transformation in the great, big world of ours.

compassion demonstrated. To be compassionate is to hold another person’s pain in our hearts. But is also incites action and motivates us to help, to give, to lift and to love, to pray and to support. Just as Jesus Christ did. He sought out the marginalized. He turned toward the poor. He loved those who were hard to love. He forgave without getting even. He welcomed the outlier. He took up the cross and gave new life. Our mission is compassion demonstrated through faithful – and faith- filled – relationships with homeless individuals and families.


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Bultema Group is a full service marketing and design studio located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our team partners with businesses and non-profits to implement strategic marketing, public relations, communications, and creative campaigns.

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