Several years ago I moved my family to the Grand Rapids Area. As a new member of the West Michigan community I asked myself one fundamental question: where am I going to serve in my local community?

Have you ever asked yourself, where am I going to serve in my community or where am I being called to?

For me, because of my deep passion for the homeless, hungry, addicted, I immediately and intentionally reached out to Mel Trotter Ministries.

At Mel Trotter Ministries, we are always looking for volunteers. We need people who have a heart for the broken-hearted who are hungry, homeless and hurting in West Michigan.   As we seek to end homelessness in West Michigan, one life at a time, it is a large task and we cannot do it alone.

This is my call to everyone, but particularly our next generation of leaders – millennials and beyond.

Young professionals, I will acknowledge that non-profit organizations may not do the best job of reaching out to you individually to engage you with their ministries. That’s a “growth area” for most non-profits. We are all working on it.

However, that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out and asking the questions:

How can I serve? How does God want to use me?

Millennials – I’m reminded of the Bible – 1 Timothy 4:12 –

Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers

Regardless of your age, background, education, life experience, if you are reading this, you have something to offer. If you are passionate about the work we do for the homeless, there is a place for you to use your time and talent at Mel Trotter Ministries.

The fact remains – the millennial and younger generations are our future leaders. Now is the perfect time to get plugged into one of the many opportunities to serve.

I would encourage you to connect by joining me for one of our Meet the Mission Luncheons. It is easy RSVP simply go to the link:

Again, as someone who was once new to Grand Rapids not too long ago, I understand that there are barriers that might prevent you from reaching out. Personally, I had no direct connection with any person at Mel Trotter Ministries when I moved to the area. It took some vulnerability and initiative. I was determined to simply show up and make myself available – to serve in any capacity where I could fill a need.

Likewise for you, if you are passionate about serving – there is a place for you at Mel Trotter. Find out what volunteer opportunities there are at

Please take this as your personal invitation from Board Chair at Mel Trotter Ministries.

Take the initiative.

Get engaged.

jeshua-laukaJeshua Lauka is an attorney at a boutique business law firm located in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan and serves as Board Chair for Mel Trotter Ministries. He practices Business, Real Estate, Estate and Trust work, and related litigation. He loves what he does and has a special passion for social entrepreneurs. He’s licensed to practice in the State of Michigan and in the Federal District Courts for the Western and Eastern Districts of Michigan. He was selected to the 2013-2014 Michigan Rising Stars list. He enjoys blogging about legal issues in his respective practice areas:

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The vision of Mel Trotter Ministries is to end homelessness in West Michigan, one life at a time, through the power of Christ.

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