Working as a volunteer on a building project at Mel Trotter Ministries in 1992, Henry never dreamed that he would be back years later as a guest. However, when a bitter divorce left him alone, homeless and in failing health, he knew he would be welcomed here. “I’m forever grateful for Mel Trotter,” he said.

As a guest in the Pilgrimage Program for men who are disabled and/or chronically homeless, Henry got glasses through the vision clinic and new teeth in the MTM dental clinic. “I hadn’t had teeth in seven years,” he told us. “It put a smile back on my face. I come to the office once or twice a week, tell them ‘Thank you,’ and smile.”

Before & After: Henry's Smile
Left photo: before; Right photo: after

Henry’s health problems didn’t end there. “I have bone cancer,” he said. “I get my chemo treatment [in Grand Rapids] every two weeks but I have to go to Chicago every three months to make sure that everything is all right. I’ve been struggling with this for about a year and a half. The MTM program director has helped me tremendously about getting the right contacts and keeping the right schedule.”

“If it weren’t for Mel Trotter, a lot of people would die without knowing the love of God.”

Even in the midst of his cancer treatments, Henry remains active and positive, working in the steel mill and sharing his hope with other men who are in crisis. “I don’t have a problem going out in the winter time and picking up a drunk and bringing him in here.” Why does he do it? “Because someone did it for me and you give back when you can,” Henry responded. “If it weren’t for Mel Trotter, a lot of people would die without knowing the love of God. I’ve never seen a place like this, where they genuinely want to help you.”

Since coming to MTM, Henry has experienced spiritual as well as physical restoration. “This place really changed my perspective,” he said with appreciation. “It set me on a straight and narrow path. I wasn’t always the best person. Mel Trotter helped me find God again and realize that forgiveness is a blessing.”

His hope is to get his cancer into remission and to continue helping people.

Gifts and prayers from caring friends like you are another blessing to guests like Henry. “There’s no donation too small and none too big. There’s always someone in need,” he said. Looking forward, Henry shared that his hope is to get his cancer into remission and to continue helping people.

You can help Henry and others by getting involved in MTM’s Restore Health, Heal Hearts campaign to support the dental, vision, chiropractic and medical services at MTM. For more information go to

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The vision of Mel Trotter Ministries is to end homelessness in West Michigan, one life at a time, through the power of Christ.

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