Help rescue and restore lives. Mel Trotter Ministries needs your time, your talents, and your prayerful financial support. If you have a passion, there is a place for you. Choose how you’ll get involved:

PRAY: The most powerful means of support you can give to Mel Trotter is prayer. Our God hears and answers each of our prayers for continued grace, clarity, and wisdom for our staff, our residents, and all those we serve.

DONATE: The work of Mel Trotter does not get done without the financial support of individuals, families, foundations, and friends. These gifts are invaluable and ensure our good work for years to come.

VOLUNTEER: Dozens of volunteers visit Mel Trotter each week to feed the hungry, lift the fallen, restore the broken, and heal the hurt. Your talents will be put to good work at our Mission. Join us.

SHOP: Mel Trotter has two thrift stores; one in Jenison and one in Sparta. Shopping at these stores helps contribute to supporting the programs and services at MTM that help end homelessness.

Learn more here.

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